Get an Immediate Implant Tooth To Replace Your Diseased Tooth

Immediate Implant Tamarac, FL

Sometimes, an injury or severe decay can damage a tooth beyond repair. When a permanent tooth has to be removed, an immediate implant can be used to replace it on the exact same day. More people are turning to dental implants because of their durability and natural appearance. Among healthy patients, immediate implants can offer the same benefits as traditional ones but in significantly less time.

Why choose an immediate implant for tooth replacement?

While there are numerous treatment options for replacing a damaged or missing tooth, an immediate implant offers a host of benefits that make it a more favorable choice for many patients. For some people, it is possible to have a tooth extracted, an implant placed, and a new crown attached all on the same day.

Fast procedure

Traditional implants require multiple steps with months of healing in between. First, the implant is inserted into the jawbone and must heal and fuse completely before an abutment is attached. After several more weeks, the tissues heal and the abutment is ready for a crown. As a result, patients can go for months with only a temporary fix, such as:

  • A partial denture or flipper
  • A bridge
  • A temporary crown
  • A retainer
  • An empty gap

These options can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

With an immediate implant, the procedure is complete in just a matter of hours with no need for any additional surgeries. Patients with a strong jaw bone structure whose implants and abutments are sturdy can also have the final crown placed on the same day. The area heals completely over the course of several months. During this time, patients are instructed not to bite down directly on the new crown. However, there is no longer a need to compromise with a temporary prosthetic tooth.

Added convenience

Many times, patients must schedule several surgical appointments to go from damaged tooth to restored smile. In addition to numerous office visits, several separate recovery periods are required. In contrast, immediate implants combine tooth extraction, implant placement, and abutment placement in a single inclusive procedure. As a result, only one surgery and one recovery period are required. This option is more convenient for people with busy schedules and responsibilities, as it allows patients with successful results to resume normal activities with fewer interruptions.

Dental health benefits

In addition to fewer surgeries and a speedier overall recovery, immediate implants can also help prevent the gum tissue loss that may occur with traditional implants. Many patients also enjoy the boost of confidence that comes with faster results. Dental implants can help prevent jawbone loss while providing a natural-looking solution designed to last a lifetime.


When it comes to replacing a damaged or missing tooth, an immediate implant offers a fast, long-lasting outcome. However, patients should discuss every available option with a dental professional to develop the right treatment plan. For those with good oral health, dental implants can be an effective solution.

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