Esthetic Dentistry Looks at the Harmony and Balance of Teeth, Facial Features and Gums

Esthetic Dentistry Looks at the Harmony and Balance of Teeth, Facial Features and Gums from The Dental Place of Tamarac in Tamarac, FLEsthetic dentistry has moved beyond a simple set of braces to embrace many ways to restore harmony and balance. Your teeth, facial features, and gums all work together to create your smile. When one component is off, it can affect your appearance. Esthetic dentistry can be an important tool to construct your beautiful smile while also creating the conditions for better oral health. Sometimes, subtle procedures can have a drastic effect. Here are several ways esthetic dentists can use procedures to restore your smile.

Damaged, cracked, and worn teeth

When a patient has cracks or chips in a tooth, the esthetic dentist may suggest bonding. The esthetic dentist may bond one tooth or several. Bonding is a simple procedure where the esthetic dentist matches the resin to the color of the patient’s tooth. They paint the resin on and use a special light to harden the resin. The effect is natural and, with a little care, can last a long time.

Dental veneers are porcelain shells that fit over the patient’s existing teeth. Since veneers are created in a lab, they can be made to match the patient’s existing tooth color. Esthetic dentists will apply veneers to cover chips and cracks, as well as teeth that are smaller than normal. There are several different types of veneers. All types of veneers create a more uniform appearance and completely hide cracks and chips by fitting over the front of the teeth.

Crowns are a better fit for some broken teeth. These dental devices fit over the top of the tooth, covering the damaged area. Esthetic dentists may recommend crowns for patients seeking to fix a gummy smile. Crowns can also provide a place to fix a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Esthetic dentists often place crowns while shaping the gums to produce a more natural-looking tooth.

Shaping the gums

Some patients are self-conscious because too much of the gums show when smiling. There are several options to treat what esthetic dentists call a ‘gummy smile.’ Installing veneers and crowns can make the teeth bigger and create a better balance. When gums are showing too much, patients can choose to remove some of the gums. Esthetic dentists can use dental lasers to contour and shape the gums. A gingivectomy can remove portions of the gums to create a better proportion of teeth to gums.

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Esthetic dentistry offers many options

The esthetic dentist can do laser teeth whitening. You may have pits and uneven tooth surfaces and choose recontouring. There are many other procedures the esthetic dentist can perform to create harmony and balance. The teeth, facial structure, and gums all work together to create the look you present to the world. An esthetic dentist can help you to look and feel better. It may surprise you to see how a few subtle changes can enhance the harmony of your smile.

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