Dental Esthetics and Oral and Facial Structure

Dental Esthetics and Oral and Facial Structure from The Dental Place of Tamarac in Tamarac, FLDentists who work in the field of dental esthetics consider the symmetry of patients' faces to improve new or repaired tooth positions, which can enhance the appearance of a new smile. This focus on proportion can make for a more balanced appearance to the face. Individuals who are considering this process to increase confidence, repair broken teeth, and improve overall facial beauty may have questions about how the process works and what improvements it can offer.

The purpose behind dental esthetics

While cosmetic dentistry can improve a smile's appearance, esthetics help ensure that any work done results in the beautification of the entire face and not just the smile itself. This can have several positive impacts, including:

  • Improved tooth repositioning
  • Improved facial symmetry
  • A more personal experience for each patient

Patients who are interested in this type of procedure may feel more comfortable learning about the steps before committing to it, especially if tooth repositioning is part of an individual esthetics plan.

Framing the smile

Before dentists can begin repairing a smile using oral esthetics, the first step is to properly frame the smile to ensure proper symmetry. This helps ensure that the placement of the new smile is correct and avoids imbalance. Dentists typically focus on several different facial planes, including the oblique, the horizontal, and the vertical. Framing is a valuable tool for tooth positioning as well, especially for dentists who plan to repair any bite issues while improving a patient's smile.

Preparing a treatment plan

Once dentists properly frame a new smile according to a patient's individual facial structure, the next step is usually to form a treatment plan and inspect which procedures are required to repair a smile. This may include a plan for repairing broken teeth, resolving discoloration problems, and using implants or veneers. Dentists usually walk patients through each process so there are no misunderstandings about what is required to apply them to the overall dental esthetics plan.

During the creation of the treatment plan, dentists may create a digital mock-up to show patients how the planes of the face can affect the placement of the teeth, as well as how esthetics can help repair any possible problems. This may also prevent bite problems in the aftermath.

Reviewing measurements

Once the plan is complete, dentists may call patients in for a final check of measurements to ensure all the numbers are correct. If any adjustments are required, dentists send them to the lab where any ceramic implants or veneers are made to adjust the replacements. Digital photos may also assist the lab in matching shading and shape so the new structures do not stand out.

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Dental esthetics can improve the appearance of any procedure that repairs a smile by placing the teeth in the proper framing, especially during tooth reduction. When patients learn about the steps involved in this process, they may feel more confident about the outcome.

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